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Become super Productive


Have you struggled to finish all your tasks? Have you felt overworked? Would you like more time for yourself?

In this book you'll find curated techniques that ACTUALLY work for 9-to-5 workers, the result of years of researching and testing productivity hacks from a ton of books, articles and courses. Explained in plain English, and inter connected, not a lazy 1, 2, 3… list of hacks that seem impossible to incorporate in your life. 

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In today’s workplace 9 out of 10 people report wasting time at work, getting to the end of their days feeling unaccomplished or frustrated by their workload. Have you ever felt like this?

With Become Super Productive you’ll learn techniques that are truly actionable and related to your daily needs, instead of wishful ideas that are impossible to adopt in real life.

Increase your productivity by adopting life hacks in different aspects of your life.

Key Concepts & Principles regarding productivity

  • Creating Habits
  • Time Management
  • Energy Management
  • Communications Management
  • Information Management

Learn how to master “working smarter and not harder”

This book is designed to help you understand how you can work in a smarter way to accomplish your goals more effectively and with less hassle.

To do this, I’ve curated and adapted the contents of over 80 books, articles and studies, written by productivity and life hacking gurus from all over the world, including Tim Ferriss, Stephen Covey, Gary Keller and many many others.

Become Super Productive



David Suescun

David Suescun dreams with a world where people don't have to overstay at work, can manage their time to enjoy their family and friends and live fulfilling lives.

As a Mechatronics Engineer, Oil & Gas Professional, Author, Musician, Developer and Entrepreneur, he has created digital products (Software for Texas Instruments calculators, Windows Software and Android & iOS Apps) with over 200 thousand joint downloads, recorded over 80 songs, written a book on productivity and founded an App development company. With an eight years’ experience in Oil & Gas working in field operations, management, marketing and quality assurance in five countries. As a self-learning junkie, he has successfully completed more than 50 online courses on a wide range of topics, including completing an MBA equivalent curriculum he designed by himself. Learned English, Portuguese and French while living in his country, Colombia.

When he's not devouring new knowledge on Lifehacking, Productivity, and Leadership, you can find him developing new projects and hanging out with his family and friends, fixing the world of course.

This book got him to branch out and create an Udemy course (Under Construction) and support it with an ever growing Community Page and a Productivity & Learning Blog.



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